Launched in South Australia and Tasmania in early 2019, the RIDE program is designed to develop Resilience through Inspiration & Determination leading to Employment (RIDE) for at-risk unemployed youth.

RIDE combines the fun, physically & mentally challenging activity of BMX riding, delivered by Lighthouse Youth Projects, paired with both vocational and non-vocational workshops.

The aim of the program is to assist participants with developing and applying transferable skills during continued learning, while becoming engaged contributors within their communities.

MAS National believes that fresh ways of thinking like the RIDE program will help young people find the right path to further education, training and employment opportunities.

The RIDE program is a collaboration between MAS National and Lighthouse Youth Projects Inc. and is made possible with the support of our MAS Business Consultants, Mentors and Customer Service Consultants.

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For further information, or feedback about the RIDE program, contact:

Marisa Kemp – Program Manager