The MAS Experience

MAS National has been selected by the Australian Government to deliver the full suite of Support Services to apprentices and employers across South Australia,Victoria and Tasmania. MAS are also proud to service national clients, to deliver Australian Apprenticeship Support Services nationwide.

A consortium that includes AGA Apprenticeships Plus in Victoria, Business & Employment and Work & Training in Tasmania, and CEG in SA; will be delivering a unique program model they call The MAS Experience. The MAS Experience supports employers, apprentices and trainees throughout Australia to improve completion rates.

The MAS Experience delivers tailored apprentice and business support through a variety of means:

  • Face to face, advice and consultation, including referral where needed.
  • Web based, online support  – Apprenticeship Commitment Assessment, Harrison Career Assessment Tool and Career Me Application, MAS Job CommunitiesAir CV and 24/7 smart matching
  • Phone contact support – 1300 MAS NAT (627 628), SMS contact

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Follow the Careers Trailer

The Careers Trailer is a free resource to provide young people with information about the array of career options available to them. The aim is to help match young people with a career pathway that suits them, leading to higher retention levels for employers.

Apprentices and trainees

Jobseekers interested in an apprenticeship have access to free gateway services to help them find the right career path for them and to set them up to succeed. The MAS Experience Consultants establish jobseekers individual needs utilising a range of tools and resources including Language Literacy and Numeracy, Apprenticeship Commitment and Harrison’s Career assessments to then offer tailored advice to clients ensuring a successful transition into their chosen industry. Jobseekers will be linked to jobs through a process that determines how their personal attributes impact job satisfaction and ability to pursue a range of career options. Once jobseekers discover the career path they love, they also have exclusive access to job opportunities through the MAS Job Communities.

After apprentices start their apprenticeship, the MAS Experience Consultants also offer support throughout the Apprenticeship/Traineeship through assisting with payment of personal benefits where the apprentice is eligible, and providing one-on-one mentoring and support should the apprentice have any issues or concerns with any aspect of their life. This support is tailored and aims to increase the opportunities for apprentices to successfully complete their qualification.


The MAS Experience provides businesses with access to a range of services from support prior to an apprenticeship starting, to providing apprenticeship administration and Mentoring support throughout the apprenticeship.

Services delivered prior to the commencement of an Apprenticeship include free psychometric testing of Applicants, ability to advertise your roles through MAS Job Communities, and support to the apprentice to ensure you get the right candidate for the business. The MAS Experience Consultants supports businesses through streamlined completion of Government paperwork to help you register your apprentice and apply for any incentives you may be eligible for.
In Training Support is also available free of charge and includes free advice, referral to support services and mentoring to help achieve successful completion of the Australian Apprenticeship.

MAS Experience also delivers up-to-date information surrounding other support that businesses may have access to, with the aim to drive growth business growth for them.