Cycle of Change

Cycle of Change is an interactive and innovative program designed to engage, support and empower young people for their future.

The Cycle of Change program is a collaboration between MAS National and Lighthouse Youth Projects Inc. Both organisations share a passion for supporting young people to develop hard and soft skills to help them find sustainable and meaningful employment.

MAS National believes that fresh ways of thinking like the Cycle of Change program will help young people find the right path to further education, training and employment opportunities.

Innovative program

Youth participating in Cycle of Change are supported through a program of vocational and non-vocational workshops, a smartphone app and BMX workshops.

Cycle of Change smartphone app

The Cycle of Change app allows participants to ‘check in’ to each workshop to confirm their attendance. Each workshop is linked to a BMX bike part so a pictorial view of a bike is created as parts are awarded, keeping participants engaged and motivated.

The app also contains features that assist with the development of emotional intelligence and provides a communication channel for participants. Links to specialised local support services, community events and vocational support are available within the app.

BMX workshops

The bikes act as a vehicle of engagement and promote social inclusion and peer support. Knowledge gained from the workshops is contextualised and demonstrated through BMX riding and project based activities.

Contact Us

Visit the Cycle of Change website.

Cycle of Change would love to hear from you – please feel free to reach out to either of the awesome mentors below for thoughts, feedback or further information:

Marisa Kemp – Program Engagement Consultant
Phone: 0459 856 746