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MAS offers a specialised mentoring service, delivered by our highly experience consultants and designed to help overcome any post-employment obstacles and improve your skills. Request a session with a mentor now.

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Bridget Dunkin (Mentor)

Bridget has 14 years’ experience in Vocational Education & Training sector, providing business advice and employment mentoring.


Certificate 4 in Business Development Management and Certificate 3 in Business.


Geoff Wake (Youth mentor)

Geoff has 10 years’ experience facilitating training programs that support youth at risk overcome barriers to education training & employment and extensive experience working with the Department of Education and Child Development (DECD), Youth Justice, Correctional Services, Job Active Networks and Industry & Indigenous Communities.


Bachelor of Social Science (Youth Work), Diploma of Community Services Coordination and

Certificate IV in Training & Assessment.


Marisa Kemp (Mentor)

Marisa has 4 years’ experience facilitating training programs and 5 years’ experience in Mentoring and Stakeholder Engagement.


Diploma in Training & Assessment, Diploma in Management and Diploma of Business Administration.


Michael Caruana (Mentor)

Michael has 15 years’ experience in Community Services, 4 as a youth mentor and is the Secretary for S.A Mentoring Network and a  Member of National Mentoring Network.


Diploma of Youth Work & Counselling and Qualified A class Electrician.


Tracey StoneTracey Stone (Career Counsellor & Mentor)

Tracey has 8 years’ experience working with persons undergoing workforce transition and also 10 years’ experience in compliance with government guidelines & legislation and working knowledge of the Australian blueprint for Career Development & Core Skills for Work Framework.


Certificate IV in Career Development and Certificate IV in Business.


Helen SaundersHelen Saunders (Career Counsellor & Mentor)

Helen has 2 years’ experience delivering Career and Employment Coordinator: Jobs First Employment Programs, Construction Employment Brokerage & CWDC Programs, and Career Practitioner: Automotive Workers in Transition Program. 5 years’ experience in Job Active and Disability Employment Services, 3 years’ experience in promoting training for an Registered Training Organisation and also has a working knowledge of the Australian blueprint for Career Development & Core Skills for Work Framework.


Certificate IV in Career Development and Certificate IV in Employment Services


Kristen Bailey (Mentor)

Kristen has 12 months delivering PaTH for Job Active Provider, 3 years’ experience in Job Active training services and 3 years’ delivering training and mentoring.


Certificate III in Business Administration, Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, Diploma of Business (Administration) and Diploma of Business (Frontline Management).


Tony Gavros (Mentor)

Tony has over 2 years’ experience in the Vocational Education and Training Industry – providing business advice and specialised employment mentoring, 7 years’ experience in Recruitment and candidate management and 7 years’ experience in various leadership and people management roles.


Diploma of Management


Renee Smart (Mentor)

Renee has 12 years’ experience providing strategic direction and support for government programs and also 12 years in the Vocational, Education & Training sector – having developed extensive industry connections and stakeholder relationships to support Traineeship and Apprenticeship programs, vocational & non-vocational skill development and workforce participation programs.


Bachelor of Business Management (current), Diploma of Counselling, Diploma of Management, Certificate IV Training & Assessment, Certificate IV Business Development, Certificate IV Alcohol & other drugs and Certificate IV Career Development.


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