Business advisory services

MAS Digital Solutions Business Advisory Services aim to increase the skills and competencies of small businesses.

Following a Digital assessment, participants are supported to complete online course and webinars.

Business systems

  • Computerised business systems
  • Improving efficiencies through digital processes
  • Sourcing appropriate platforms to meet your business needs

Web presence

  • Creating and managing a website
  • Creating and managing a social media presence
  • Developing a digital marketing strategy

Selling online

  • Developing an online sales strategy
  • Identify appropriate point of sale systems


  • Utilising digital devices for business efficency
  • Creating, utilising and developing apps

Security and privacy

  • Managing cyber security threats
  • Protecting customer data
  • Data privacy obligations

Digital Solutions

At the core of our advice and solutions, we are trying to encourage small businesses to explore and fully utilise the online options that we now have access to. The focus is built around maximising brand exposure and capitalising on search engine optimisation (SEO).


MAS’ digital solutions will be demonstrated online so you can view all our workshops and assistance programs no matter where you are. We are aiming to produce a range of webinars that focus on numerous avenues of running a successful business such as security/privacy, business systems and web presence.


Have you got a website that needs updating? MAS National’s small business advisory can help provide theoretical solutions for your website so it collects metrics to measure success whilst ensuring it adopts a modern and sleek appearance. Our solutions will aim for results that not only build online profitability but also a strong online brand identity.

Smartphone application

Smartphones are the new platform on which businesses can communicate with consumers. It’s important to keep up with all the latest technology to ensure your business doesn’t fall behind. With a modern smartphone application, your avenues for conversions enhance as you enable users to purchase your products and services at the press of a button.

Australian Small Business Advisory Services

Our experienced Small Business Consultants know what small businesses need to succeed. We work with you to provide advice and support to help you achieve your business goals and cement your business practices.

We have the tools and experience to support small businesses in a wide variety of areas, including:

  • Marketing
  • Business Planning
  • Employment issues (employer’s obligations)
  • GST and taxation issues
  • Regulations and red tape
  • Access to business networking opportunities
  • Business set up issues
  • Access to local contacts and professional services
  • Government programs – advice and assistance to access

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