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Drive Your Future Program

The downturn in the Automotive industry over the past few years has seen many individuals left without work. As a result, the South Australian Department of State Development has created the Drive your Future suite of support programs to support automotive supply chain workers to take the next steps in their career.

Jobs Connect

One of the programs in this service is Jobs Connect auto employment brokerage. The Jobs Connect auto employment brokerage program helps to place people affected by the downturn into new jobs.

We have strong connections with industry across South Australia, not to mention extensive experience with recruitment. As a result, we are the best people to help match eager workers with new employers.

Opportunities for individuals

It’s not just automotive supply chain workers that can access this support, partners of those affected can get free support too! If your partner meets the below criteria, you could also be eligible for a range of career support through the Drive Your Future services.

2018 Program – New applications

The registration period for the 2018 program has now closed.

Are you already registered with the Jobs Connect program?

If you have previously registered for the Jobs Connect program and are still looking a new employment opportunity, then we would love to help you!

We have now placed over 400+ former auto supply chain workers (and their families) into new employment opportunities and currently have a variety of positions available.

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Employ an Auto Worker

If you’re a business looking to hire staff, we may just be the people you need to speak with!

We have a range of individuals, from process manufacturing workers to office workers looking to take the next step in their career.

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