Apprentice management services

You can enjoy these cost-effective benefits and many others.

Expert consultation

We evaluate your situation to determine your eligibility for incentives and identify the most appropriate training opportunities to fill you ‘skills gap’, ensuring total compliance with Government legislation.

Incentive claims assistance

Financial contributions by the state and federal governments are invaluable to employers but with strict claim periods and rigorous administration requirements, funding can be tough to recover.

Our services simplify the process. We determine what you are entitled to receive, manage the paperwork and then lodge the claims, ensuring you receive the highest possible return.

Streamlined administration

Our blended delivery approach ensures end-to-end process efficiency. From assisting with paperwork for new sign-ups, to maintaining records and submitting completions, we’ll co-ordinate the apprenticeship process from start to finish.

Detailed reporting and information

We monitor each apprentice/trainee’s progress and provide training records to give you an accurate, historical representation of your entire apprenticeship program.

Apprentice mentoring

Our highly skilled and professional mentors provide a tailored solution to your apprentice mentoring needs.

Centralised contact

We provide dedicated internal phone and mail support and communication materials to keep your staff informed, freeing up your HR and management teams.