Mas announces state delivery partners

Mas are pleased to announce that we have been successful in our bid to deliver Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) services in Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and Queensland.

To deliver consistent, high quality Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) services across these regions, Mas brings together its service delivery expertise, built on the strength of highly experienced subcontractors, and the proven capacity to deliver AASN Services.

Mas’ expertise includes experienced management and staff, extensive infrastructure and deployment of best practice tools and rigorous processes to support consistent AASN service delivery across these regions, enabling comprehensive coverage across multiple states.

Within Queensland, Mas is proud to announce the subcontracted services of MRAEL Limited (MRAEL) for delivery of AASN services. The Department is already familiar with collaboration between Mas and MRAEL, having approved subcontracting arrangements for the two organisations in August 2017. MRAEL’s capabilities in the management and facilitation of apprenticeships as a contracted provider of Australian Apprenticeship Services includes more than 15 years continuous service, having first been contracted as a New Apprenticeships Centre in 2003.

A current contracted provider of AASN services in QLD, MRAEL additionally holds wider expertise with 33 years of experience in Apprenticeship recruitment, mentoring and support acquired through GTO and RTO operations. With combined apprenticeship service delivery between Mas and MRAEL exceeding 50 years, stronger performance and greater geographical reach will be secured to address future apprenticeship needs within the state.

Our South Australian presence continues, with a renewed relationship of AASN support delivery services with Career Employment Group (CEG). CEG have been a long-term partner of Mas in the delivery of Australian Apprenticeship Support Services in the state, providing significant capabilities and working relationships particularly within Indigenous communities, and with specialist expertise in delivering services to regional and remote areas of South Australia. With combined apprenticeship service delivery between Mas and CEG exceeding 50 years, a stronger performance and greater geographical reach will be achieved under our renewed agreement. Mas has delivered AASN services in Victoria since 2015, and will continue to subcontract Gippsland Group Training Ltd (AGA) as has been the arrangement for Mas’ current AASN contract in Victoria.

Expanding our reach in Victoria, Mas is proud to welcome Gforce Employment Solutions (Gforce) in extending its delivery service across the west of the state.

Drawing upon the combined expertise of Mas, AGA and Gforce, which exceeds 85 years apprenticeship service delivery experience, we look to secure a stronger performance and greater geographical reach to address and assist both business and individual needs across Victoria.

Mas has delivered Apprenticeship support services in Tasmania since 2015, and will continue to subcontract to Business & Employment as has been the arrangement for Mas’ current AASN contract in Tasmania. Business & Employment have delivered apprenticeship services in Tasmania for over 15 years, providing an exceptional level of experience from which to draw to deliver AASN services. With the combined apprenticeship service delivery between Mas and Business & Employment exceeding 35 years, there is optimism for greater presence and geographical reach when addressing apprenticeship needs for the future.

The success of our AASN announcement ensures Mas and its partners can provide a larger platform for delivery of services, resulting in the greater ability to:

  • Leverage a wider network of employers and employment opportunities to maximise Australian Apprenticeship commencements.
  • Disseminate consistent messaging and targeted information to young people and key influencers of young people, in alignment with the intent of the real skills for real careers initiative.
  • Expand the volume and quality of engagement with other relevant service providers, including Job Active providers, community-based services and industry reference/advocacy groups.
  • Increase overall investment for a consistent and efficient approach to marketing the Australian Apprenticeships System consistently across a broader range of mediums and greater geographical area.
  • Increase the reach of services to engage/re-engage employers.
  • Improve the quality and consistency of the sign-up process across metropolitan, regional and remote service areas.
  • Leverage the skills and knowledge of state delivery partners as knowledgeable providers of VET services across each respective state