RIDE Program helping participants build better futures

RIDE Program participant and aspiring carpenter Sarah is 18 years old.

Sarah dreams of being a carpenter one day, but has struggled to manage workplace demands with low self-confidence and anxiety bought on by her autism.

With a Certificate II in Carpentry and work experience already completed, Sarah initially appeared to be an ideal candiate for ongoing employment.

However it quickly became apparent that the anxiety bought on by her autism caused her to become overwhelmed in a workplace environment, leaving the room in tears during her first session as part of the RIDE Program.

Developing confidence through RIDE

Designed to develop Resilience through Inspiration & Determination leading to Employment, RIDE combines the fun, physically & mentally challenging activity of BMX riding, with both vocational and non-vocational workshops for at-risk and unemployed young people.

Supported by MAS National, the aim of RIDE is to assist participants with developing and applying transferable skills during continued learning, while becoming engaged contributors within their communities.

While engaged with the RIDE Program, Sarah began to gain confidence. Her determination and resilience was aided with mentoring receieved through the Program, which helped her to develop greater self-esteem with each passing week.

On a visit to the Northern Adelaide Waste Management Authroity (NAWMA) as part of the RIDE Program, Sarah noticed an old wooden icecream cart which she believed could be refurbished.

That evening, accompanied by her Aunt, Sarah returned to NAWAMA and purchased the cart as a project.

Without wheels and in total disrepair, Sarah saw potential in the cart and set to work refurbishing it – her talent is evident in the progress shots of the cart.


Building a future through carpentry

Currently, Sarah is attending a pre-apprenticeship program at North East Vocational College (NEVC), enhancing her existing skills.

For Sarah, the dream is to one day gain ongoing employment through a carpentry apprenticeship – something she hopes she is one step closer to with the help of MAS National.

When MAS staff member Tracey Stone contacted Sarah with a potential apprenticeship opportunity, Sarah felt confident enough to make an application and is currently waiting on a decision from the employer.

On track to achieve her carpentry goals

Through the support provided by the RIDE Program and MAS National, Sarah has grown in confidence and developed a resilience that will see her achieve whatever goals she sets for herself.

We wish Sarah all the very best with her application, and hope to see more of her handiwork in the future.


Interested in a career in Carpentry, like Sarah? MAS National can help. Contact us to find out how we can help you find an apprenticeship or traineeship to suit your skills and interests.