Handy hints

Are you an apprentices or trainee seeking work?

These tips will help.

  • Join the MAS Recruitment talent community to find jobs in your local area
  • Use Australian Jobsearch.
  • Cold canvass. Approach employers directly. Prepare a letter and attach a resume.
  • Take a direct approach. Write a letter including your resume to companies that you would like to work for (addressed to the Human Resources Manager). Follow up with a phone call approximately 3 days later. Ask when would be a good time to call back, note it and call back as advised.
  • Register with a number of employment agencies.
  • Look in the employment sections of the newspapers for apprenticeships and traineeships. Specialist industries often advertise on particular weekdays. Become familiar with the ad scene and be wary of ‘dodgy’ ads that promise high incomes for little skill.
  • Contact a Job Services Australia provider.
  • Contact a group training organisation.
  • Ask family and friends.

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