Why employ an apprentice or trainee

There are numerous benefits in employing an apprentice or trainee. Well-trained and motivated staff can improve your bottom line and performance.

Competitive edge

Formally trained staff, with the specific skills required for your industry, can give you a competitive edge. You can choose the qualification and training provider that suits your business needs.

Up-to-date expertise

Investing in staff training will ensure your business is up to date with current skills and practices.


Employers are entitled to financial incentives to achieve their goals. Increased motivation and productivity as a result of training also has the potential to increase profitability.


Training can increase the confidence and motivation of employees, leading to greater efficiency for your organisation. Research has shown that offering employees benefits such as workplace training can also increase staff retention rates.

Better customer service

Training can improve staff motivation, resulting in higher levels of customer service delivery.

Quality assurance

Staff undertaking nationally accredited training programs benefit from a higher quality product or service.

Australian Government incentives

The Australian Government offers a number of financial incentives to encourage employers to offer skills-based training to their employees, with the aim of developing a more skilled national workforce. Eligibility criteria apply.

State and territory incentives and benefits

MAS can assist you with accessing any state and territory funding that may apply to your situation.

For more information on any of these incentives, please contact us.