Businesses large and small use apprenticeships to provide qualifications and training for new and existing employees. We select the right people for your business and take care of all the set up and ongoing administrative requirements.

Flexible solutions

  • Accredited providers customise training plans to suit your needs
  • Training can be full time, on-the-job, or a mix of work and off-the-job training that suits your business
  • You can hire full time, part-time or school-based apprentices
  • You can choose from a broad range of motivated applicants who have demonstrated a real interest in working in your indistry

Wage and incentives expertise

  • You pay your apprentice a wage that reflects the length of the apprenticeship and how much training the apprentice has done
  • An employee can only be paid apprentice and trainee rates if they have a formal training contract with their employer
  • You may be eligible to receive financial incentives from the Australian Government
  • Each state/territory government may have their own incentives or benefits for businesses employing apprentices

Positive outcomes

  • Once training is completed, you’ll have a skilled and qualified team member, familiar with your organisation and already making a difference to your business

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