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Australian Apprenticeships Centre

MAS National Ltd, trading as MAS National, is an Australian Apprenticeship Support Network contracted by the Australian Government as represented by the Department of Education and Training to provide Australian Apprenticeships Support Services to employers and apprentices. MAS National is one of a number of Australian Apprenticeship Support Network and complies with the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network Code of Conduct. This website does not represent the Australian Government. If you wish to access information about Australian Apprenticeships from the Australian Government, you should access the Australian Apprenticeships website.

Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program Guidelines and Appendices may be viewed on the Australian Apprenticeships website.


Good employees can be a business’ greatest asset, so recruiting the right people is highly important for your business to succeed.

Apprentice management services

MAS makes managing your apprenticeships simple. You can enjoy these cost-effective benefits and many others.

Employer advice

We assist you with:

  • Choosing your apprentice.
  • Providing advice on apprentice supervision.
  • Providing advice on Industrial Relations issues with your apprentices.
  • Your apprentice training options.

Apprentice mentoring

We support apprentices to stay in their roles through our industry mentoring program for apprentices.

Careers advice

We support apprentices and trainees by offering career advice.

Workplace checks

MAS, through IntoSafety, can help you become an employer of choice by providing a healthy and safe workplace.

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